Nowadays, the marketing and promotion industry has experienced complete revolution due to the usage of computers and Internet. The computer has extensively simplified difficult tasks while automated the repetitive ones. Thanks to Internet, geographical boundaries are no longer a constraint when it comes to connecting with an individual located in another corner of the world. Such is the widespread acceptance of the computers and Internet that every field be it science, medicine, engineering and fashion to name a few, have found extensive usage of this machine and network. So has the field of marketing and promotion comprehensively gained via Internet. Tools like social networking websites, virtual exhibitions, interviews, conferences and seminars has taken the concept of interaction to another level. Two of the most fruitful tools of Internet are pay per click services and SMO services.

Social media optimization or SMO services refers to the usage of the various social media tools for the purpose of promotion and publicity of an event, brand or a product. This service is availed to effectively generate sales via marketing and creating awareness. The social media tools used to offer such services include bookmarking sites, RSS feeds and social news, among others. Such services also comprise utilising social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and other video & blogging sites.

SMO service is to create as much awareness and exposure to a web-page or a web-site as possible. This way the SMO service is similar to search engine optimization and, hence, is used along with SEO services. The SMO service involves sharing or liking of a web-page by a user. This step is counted as a vote, which is recorded by a search engine. These votes increase the quality as well as enhances the exposure of a web-page or website.

Nowadays, the concept of outsourcing search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), pay per click (PPC) services is fast being adopted. Outsourcing such services offers various benefits to the client firm. The first being that the client firm does not require going through the tedious and time consuming task of hiring experienced employees and offer hefty salaries to them. While avoiding unnecessary cost of recruitment and infrastructure, the client firm can avail expert service by outsourcing such services to PPC services company and other firms. Furthermore, the client firm can concentrate of core operations, consolidate on other functions and focus on other profitable business strategies.

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